The In-Store Experience

We believe that in order to create the perfect shopping experience, there are two key elements that must first be fulfilled. First of, your product must be of excellent quality. Here at the Garage we have set a high standard, dealing with brands like Cavaliere, Savalli and 2Blind2C. Brands like these ensures all of our products are produced in outstanding quality. This provides safety for our guests assuring them that they leave our stores with quality goods. Secondly, you must create a nice shopping environment. Some high-end stores tend to be a little too elitist, which scares away the casual guest. Where as the budget stores have too much focus on quick sales and completely puts aside the experience that the guest is supposed to have when visiting the store. If there is one thing that we pride ourselves on it is our in-store experience, we are experts in male-fashion and we love to guide our guests, doesn't matter if you stop by for something as little as a pocket square or if you want to be dressed from top to bottom. If our expertise isn't enough for you, then we also have tap beer on the house, so even if you stop by for quick look you won't leave with a dry throat.